Linda Nissen Samuels

South African born Linda Nissen Samuels, has always been inspired by the beauty of the natural world around her. She has two great passions: art and the preservation of nature. This is clearly demonstrated through the subject matter of her paintings and, more recently, a series of children’s books focusing on ecology.

Combining her passion for conservation and her artistic flair, Linda has used her skill to show young people the wonder and fragility of the world around them.

Elly’s Adventure in the Animal Park is the first in her Elly’s Ecology Series. This beautifully illustrated book for children aged 2 - 7 describes the wonder of insect life and Elly's realisation of how important insects are to the survival of this beautiful planet. Elly’s Adventure Down by the Sea continues the theme, with a simple story, telling how young Elly learns about the dangers of plastic to the ocean, while building sandcastles with his friends.

The latest in the Elly series is Elly’s Adventure Saving the Coral. 

A young boy goes swimming in the sea and sees the beautiful colours of coral.

He soon finds out that much of the coral has lost its colour through  pollution and global warming. He decides to do something about it ...

Look out for Elly’s Adventure in Space which will be published later in 2019.

This tackles the complex problem of space debris.

As an artist, Linda ran her own gallery in London, and has had several one-woman exhibitions in both England and France. Her work has been shown at both the Sunday Times Watercolour Competition and The Royal Society of Marine Artists Exhibitions. She has been awarded eight medals – including 5 Golds - at the International Grand Prix of Art in Cannes. 

Her African landscape images, used by the charity WaterAid for their annual greeting cards, have proved extremely popular worldwide, raising substantial funds to support the provision of safe water. Visit www.nissensamuels.com to view a selection of her landscapes, seascapes, portraits, book plates and commissions.

Linda believes strongly that everyone can learn to draw and express themselves through art. Her specially devised easy-draw Draw Water and Other Things, offers a simple way to give confidence in drawing to both children and adults alike. Now in its second edition, it is joined by its companion, Draw Queens, Kings and All Things Royal which can be found on sale at Buckingham Palace and on The Royal Collection website: www.royalcollectionshop.co.uk